Our Specialty Coating Services include the use of Super Therm® and Rust Grip® products for the following:

  • Lead Based Paint Encapsulation
  • Abestos Encapsulation
  • Corrosion Control & Management
  • Containment Coatings for Petroleum, Acids, Sewer, Water, etc.
  • Insulation Coatings for Roofs, Walls, and Vessels
  • Fire Proofing
  • Non-Slip Flooring
  • Hot Pipe Coating
  • Moist Pipe Coating

Super Therm® is the most effective and longest lasting ceramic insulation coating on the market today (showing 10 year rechecking of roofing showing no drop in performance, even though they are dirty). It’s a ceramic-based (using 4 different ceramic compounds specifically selected to block radiation), water-borne insulating coating designed to block heat load, moisture penetration, and air infiltration over a surface – all while reducing important energy costs. Super Therm® reflects over 95% of the three radiation sources from the sun: ultraviolet, visual light and infrared rays.


Specific benefits include:

  • Energy Efficient – Energy savings of 20-70% (field results as given by customers’ own testing, such as SONY).
  • Insulation Equivalent Rating – Replaces 6-8 in. of traditional insulation to block initial heat load and reflect over 95% of radiation from the sun. Reduces heat load; reduces heat available to transfer.
  • Blocks Moisture and Air Infiltration – Certified and tested as a moisture and air barrier under ASTM-certified testing.
  • Environmentally Friendly – Certified environmentally safe and eco-effective by MBDC LLC (Gold and Silver Certificate) and approved by the USDA for use in and around food preparation areas and holding the approval letter.
  • Class A Fire Rating – In case of fire, Super Therm® will resist the spread of fire and will not contribute to it. “0” flame and smoke.
  • Long Lasting – 20+ year lifespan on roofing under normal conditions, when applied as a system (field study of a 21-year-old roof in Western Kansas shows a loss of thickness after 18 years of only 1.5 mils – applied 8 and current 6.5).

Super Therm® is UL-, FM-, DNV-, ABS-, IMO-, USDA-, Energy Star-, ICC-, California Home Furnishings-, U.S. Coast Guard- and CRRC-approved to meet criteria as well as USGBC-registered, certified “Green” and part of the Florida Energy Rebate Program. Super Therm® is also Energy Star-qualified as a 20-year roof coating. For more information, click here.

Energy Star Roofs Product Information (pdf)

Seal virtually any surface and protect it against corrosion, weather and physical wear with Rust Grip®, a three-coats-in-one system that acts as a primer, intermediate, and top coat with a single application.

Rust Grip® is a metallic-based, moisture-cure polyurethane encapsulating coating designed to coat and seal air, moisture and chemicals out of surfaces. Rust Grip® stands up to acids, salts and caustic materials with no loss of strength. For EPA VOC standards, Rust Grip® falls under the metallic pigmented coating category. Rust Grip® is 414 grams/liter VOC. (Current California and US National limit of 500 grams/liter). Some additional benefits of Rust Grip® include:

  • Fast Working – Begins its cure cycle within an hour, penetrating and swelling to seal surface pores. It’s very important to understand that the Rust Grip® film will anchor itself into the surface of the existing rust, metal or concrete, etc. It encapsulates the surface to have the existing rust become a layer of steel over the surface to the 6180 psi strength.
  • Versatile – Protects steel, aluminum, concrete, wood, fiberglass and lead-based paints. Excellent for minimally prepared surfaces.
  • Class-A Fire Coating – In case of fire, helps to prevent spread of, and will not contribute to, the burn. ASTM E84: Flame Spread of 5.
  • Strong and Lasting – 20+ year lifespan on substrates under normal conditions; strengthens surfaces to 6780 psi or 478 bar.

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