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City of Jackson, Mississippi
Construction; Sewer Containment Coatings and Site Improvement Projects

City of Vicksburg, Mississippi
Flood Wall Joint Repair Project

Mississippi State Fire Academy (Pearl, MS)
Roof Insulation Coatings Project

City of Flowood, Mississippi
Sewer Containment Coatings Project

International Paper (Redwood, MS)
Equipment Insulation

West Rankin Utility Authority
Concrete Restoration and Acid Containment Project

International Paper (Redwood, MS)
Site Work and Custom Water Infiltration Solution

Tellus Operating Group, LLC
Corrosion Remediation Project

Client Testimonials

Our 2013 Pump Stations Improvements project included installing a protective coating in the pump equipment room sub-basement of the station. This area is always wet and is subject to corrosive hydrogen sulfide gas. The coating product installed was supplied by Superior Products International and included Rust Grip® base coat with a top coat of Lining Kote UHS. The work was performed in a professional manner, and after two years of service, no peeling or discoloration has occurred. We are confident that this coating system will protect our pump equipment room for many years to come.

Bruce Stephens, P.E., West Rankin Utility Authority
Bruce Stephens, P.E., West Rankin Utility Authority

RBG's coating services have saved us over $20M in traditional maintenance cost. We elected to use their rust grip coating service in lieu of traditional sandblasting and painting. In the 1.5 years that we have operated the plant, we have spent $0 on maintenance painting.

Stephen Richardson, Tellus Operating Group, LLC
Stephen Richardson, Tellus Operating Group, LLC