RBG Constructor’s, Inc. is a global leader in innovative coatings and encapsulation services utilizing space age, green-certified, internationally endorsed coatings.

Our services aid in the conservation of energy, extending the useful life of steel, concrete and wood, reducing infrastructure maintenance costs, with heavy emphasis on the protection and recognition of the earth’s resources.

Our coating solutions address the problems and environmental challenges presented by corrosion, lead, asbestos, heat issues, graffiti, weathering, acids, gases, bio-hazardous materials and many others.

Our team is comprised of responsive professionals who exemplify high standards of customer service and possess a key knowledge of our green certified coating solutions.

Corrosion Remediation with No Sandblasting Necessary.

What Our Customers Say..

RBG Constructor's, Inc.'s coating services have saved us over $20 million in traditional maintenance cost. We elected to use their rust grip coating service in lieu of traditional sandblasting and painting. In the 5.1 years that we have operated the plant, we have spent $0 on maintenance painting.

Stephen Richardson, Tellus Operating Group, LLC
Stephen Richardson, Tellus Operating Group, LLC

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We maintain a staff of highly qualified coating specialists that have over 18 years of experience in the painting and coating industry, using the most durable and popular coating products (e.g. Carboline, Tnemec, PPG, etc.) available.

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